Mama Let Me Be a Songbird

Release Date: January 9, 2022
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Mama let me be a songbird
Singing all the songs they took from you
Mama let me be a songbird
Flying on the wings you never knew
Let me soar above the trees in sacred symphony
Knowing that my life depends on learning to be free

Mama let me be a pilgrim
Walking roads that take me far from home
Mama let me be a pilgrim
Kneeling at your temple overgrown
Let me stand on mountain peaks in faith and fear and flame
And lose myself on city streets where no one knows my name

Mama let me be a woman
This body, it was made for ecstasy
Mama let me be a woman
I’m lonely and I need some company
Let me fall in love with love and pain and wounded pride
Let me bless and curse and feel it all before I die

Mama let me be a child again
The road is long and I’m caught up in the storm
Mama let me be a child again
In your arms where I was safe and warm
Let me lay this burden down that’s laid my spirit low
It’s dark outside and colder now and I’ve got no place to go

Mama let me be a promise
The life you sacrificed won’t be in vain
Mama let me be a promise
To sing the broken hearted safe again
Elephants and honeybees, the empty grace of sin
The smallest fallen sparrow taken by by the wind

Mama let me be a songbird


For Rosie <3

Words & music — Faith Michele Current
Lead vocal — Faith Michele Current
Acoustic lead guitar — Faith Michele Current, Dusty Hughes
Acoustic rhythm guitar, piano, bass, percussion — Dusty Hughes
Pedal steel — Bart Nissen
Background vocals — Faith Michele Current and Gabrielle Kennedy
Co-produced by Dusty Hughes and Faith Michele Current
Mixed/mastered by Dusty Hughes

Cover art © 2021 Terry Cassada Deason

©2021 Bluebird Flying Music

Liner Notes

"Mama Let Me Be a Songbird" was written as a universal ode to the Divine Feminine. So much of the music written in praise of the Goddess is beautiful but inaccessible to those of us who don't really like listening to New Age music. I wanted to write something in the genre that would be more mainstream and accessible, to express the awesome power and complexity of the Feminine in a way that might be more down-to-earth. I don't know if I succeeded, but I know it was a joy to create and I hope it strikes a chord with you as well.
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